Just Stop Oil


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While I get the private Jet thing, I just don't get the Stonehenge thing. It is just vandalism. How did these protesters get there? Did they walk? Do they (like me) walk to the supermarket and carry their food home in bags? Do they sit and shiver in the winter? Do they (like me) never ever go on holiday? I think not. Ours is an oil based economy whether they (or the climate) like it or not. America, China and India are by far the biggest polluters today. Unless these Countries all agree to (risk their economies) by cutting back on fossil fuel, there is really no point in shooting ourselves in the economic foot by taking unilateral action to cut down on fossil fuels.

In fact these Countries, and others would just take advantage of our economic weakness to grow their own economies, such is human nature! It is a competitive world and the weak will wither and die, simple as that!

Climate change IS a real threat but unless it is tackled multilaterally I doubt if anything will change for the better.

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