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Coincidentally or not, ever since Cleverly took over from Braverman (or somethingish), apart from having the cheek to tell me to stop playing music during the day when they used to play music all night, the undercover neighbours have been totally silent, although present. presumably just spying on me. Although I don't miss the late night music, some of their other 'activities' did keep me occupied, now it's just boredom. As a P-P, boredom is your biggest issue, they isolate you from other people, manipulate TV so there's nothing to watch and try to stop you listening to music. Luckily although I would rather not be bored, I think it's been proved that I can deal with it better than most. I do get some help however, they are always attacking my websites giving me the opportunity to learn how to thwart their attacks.

I would never admit to doing any counter surveillance, even if I were to but I am just guessing that the undercover neighbours are always in but they never talk or watch TV like 'normal' people.
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