Act Of Settlement


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So the act of settlement says that the British crown can only pass to a person of Christian Protestant faith (like me eg). It disqualified Charles the first's heirs for being Catholic and the Crown passed down to the next Protestant which was Anne. (is that an omen?)

So William's Jewish heirs can not become king or Queen by law and William and Kate clearly know this already judging by all the internal trauma within the Monarchy, which of course stems from the Battenburgs 'blackmailed' status.


Although passed way back in 1701, it remains until this day as the cornerstone piece of legislation regarding who can ascend to the British throne.

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So in 2015 an amendment to the above act was passed, ironically allows for a protestant heir to marry a catholic and still become King or Queen.

Now as this amendment was passed recently (2015), I am going to assume it was passed for a reason! Now which protestant (who has a chance of becoming King or Queen) has married a Catholic. More research needed.

Nope, Camila is protestant and although she married a catholic, she never converted to Catholicism...more research.

No, not her either, there must be a reason for amending that act, I guess we will need to wait and see eh!

I am going to stick my neck out and say that this amendment is for Markle! (there's no one else) Although there seems to be a silly attempt at a cover up, you don't go to a Catholic school unless you are a Catholic!

I have no problem with her becoming Queen consort, I doubt if she has evil intentions of taking over our Monarchy on behalf of ruthless foreign blackmailers! I only have problems with her letting my enemies choose her attire.
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