Where Are My Specs


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I have explained many times that no one is allowed to knock on my door without permission (or instructions) from the so called state authorities! Usually with an information gathering agenda.

Yesterday someone knocked on my door and a tall guy with an ID thing round his neck but I wasn't wearing my specs so couldn't see it right. The guy was whispering for some reason and I couldn't make him out, so I said enough of this crap, state your identification? I am from guide dogs for the blind? Fuck off I ain't got no dog and I ain't blind, door slam!
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...yes they do use charity type people all the time because people (other than me) trust them!
...when I see those adverts on TV about a fucking emaciated donkey with the guy going, I'm pleading with you please help this fucking donkey and others like it just send...

...all I hear is, I am choking for a pint, can you help me out with the next round.