We Are All Paying Now


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Up until now it has only been me that has been paying a horrible Price for repeated Royal criminal behaviour due to the fact that they are literally above the law legally but not morally, leaving themself wide open to blackmail. Not only that, they keep doing it again and again, never learning from their mistakes. Did Albert (Q.V.) really die young or was he blackmailed? Was the WW1 king blackmailed? Was WW2 King blackmailed and did he really die at 55, when all his relatives live to about 200? Did he instead pass power to the (or so they thought) unblackmailable Queen Elizabeth2? Only to find that first her or is it her husband's Uncle Lord Battenburg (Mountbatten) got blackmailed for what I believe is horrific crimes blamed on his (Mountabatten's) trafficker. Then Prince Philip the Queen's husband along with his treacherous mate Anthony Blunt became blackmailed over??? lets just say blunt frequented N.Ireland. Most horrific of all of Course current (and imminent) heir to the throne Prince Charles again unthinkable crimes blamed on his trafficker.

If you like your predecessors are going to turn a blind eye to all of this MissTruss(t?) shame on you!

Like I say I am the only innocent victim that is currently paying for Royal crimes (through blackmail). Ok I have not yet paid the ultimate price like Diana and Dando but I certainly have suffered the most and the longest. Now though we are all paying with these extraordinary hikes to fuel bills and rampant inflation. If you think that if the government subsidises the greedy energy companies with £100B of tax payers, no there ain't no tax payers money, Truss is giving that to Tory members- borrowed or invented money, think again! That will make inflation even worse long term and while Truss pledges support for Israel and their policy of rattling the Russian bears cage so that they (israel) can keep Kaliningrad missiles pointed at Germany (and us). Energy prices ain't coming down any time soon. There is only ONE solution Prince Charles HAS to go!!!
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