Unless you Are Tony Blair


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In the run up to the 2016 Referendum Hilary Benn's (presumably) armed State protection officer was hanging around my Prison forest on the outskirts of Perth for two or three weeks, getting into petty arguments with me each time I ventured out to the shops or JC, presumably to make him dislike me enough to potentially shoot me when Benn himself turned up (for a second time) with this guy as his protection officer!

If that is not a State gun for hire (Blair's hit man really), I don't know what is?

The real reason that Blair wants to stop Brexit (unlike the Pro Israeli blackmailers who fear Germany) is because Blair knows that the (real) powers that be are (with my help) preparing the ground for a future King William! Something that Blair wishes to stop or at least delay until after his own lifetime as he knows he murdered William (and Harry's) mother on behalf of the Battenburg's!

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