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My keyboard that I bought online 3 months ago is knobbled, letters issed ot, letters jumbled like press 'k' and you get 'r' like a fucking inigma machine, making it very difficult to type anything (especially blanked out password, aq lot of editing involved and store passwords and copy paste them only until yesterdat it was working fine, so it must be activated remotely. The title should read 'under attack' but I have left it un-edited.

Also my (paid) account at tvmuchodotcom has been hacked so I can't watch TV at all. Just jams after about 30 seconds, on all channels, on Windows and on Linux, without a VPN and with two different VPN's I wasted more money buying a second VPN to rule that out.

Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 20-16-37 Live TV online with TVMucho.png
I won't be silenced, I have an on screen keyboard and a mobile to fall back on if needed.

As for the TV, well most of it is shite anyway but I will be contacting their support demanding a refund if it's not sorted.

Discovery and blaze which are free to stream both work fine so it's not my computers or network that's at fault.
So today Muchotv (but not keyboard) is working OK, like 100% OK, I have been having problems for weeks just yesterday so bad as to be unwatchable.

It's either a coincidence that it's not under attack today or I now have a friend in a newly elevated position of power and influence. RE what I said a few days ago!
Screenshot from 2023-09-11 17-47-10.png
Guess what, my keyboard is working 100% as it should again, not a single error so far today?