Ian Whannel Political Prisoner

You may not have heard of me, that's because only non western state prisoners get talked about. Find out how Prince Charles is being blackmailed and used against me and how the non blackmailed Royals are using me and the blackmail situation to 'fix' elections and referendums. Did the Tories really win all those Labour seats? Did vote leave really win the EU Referendum? Did Salmond really lose the independence referendum?

Tories accused of corruption and NHS privatisation by former chief scientist


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13th April 2021

“Boris Johnson’s government has been accused of corruption, privatising the NHS by stealth, operating a “chumocracy” and mishandling the pandemic and climate crisis, by (Sir) David King, a former government chief scientist.”

Hmm starting to look like Nicola Sturgeon is not the only one that is up against it now? What has changed I wonder?
In a totally unrelated issue I read that prime minister Boris Johnson will NOT be attending Prince Philip’s funeral!