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This blackmailing Tiny 0.5% of the British population have some nerve with a blackmailed King in their pocket, they have a deputy prime minister of our Country, numerous seats in the H of Lords, they run the media and financial institutions, they have ALL the money (Musk, Suckerberg, Bloomberg Murdoch etc) in this Country and around the world including these sorts of Tv programs and so called stars like Stephen Fry (or something) who stood up and started shouting paedophile (he can talk) while I was stupid enough to be watching. (Was it a coincidence?) with Moguls like Rupert Murdoch (or something) controlling what WE watch on TV and what we listen to on Radio, he has bought all the big stars for LBC with a tagline 'leading Britain's conversation' when they are ACTUALLY controlling Britain's conversation!.

..and according to this shite, they are claiming that they are persecuted (try being in my shoes). Stop blackmailing and cohersing is my advice. No they prefer to use Racist terms like 'Anti semitism' to shame (and in their eyes criminalise) non Jews (like me) who dare to criticise them!.

King Edward V111 was our HERO King who stood up to these people who wanted to use us to attack Germany, they had nothing on Edward but presumably had plenty on his brother Albert (King GeorgeV1). The other hero of course was My Countryman Robin Cook who as Foreign Sec oppossed their second gulf war, then he died in mysterious circumstances so that new foreign Sec Jack Straw (or something) could prosecute that war just like his Tory counterpart Malcolm rifkind (or somethinjg) Prosecuted the first war. No one should be labeled an anti semite for pointing out these FACTS!

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