The Lengths You Have To Go To


Staff member keep a site like this up and functioned (thanx for stopping me from being bored) against the best efforts of the best (but most corrupt) security services in the world.

One of the problems with keeping a website up is the DNS, and in particular whats called the glue (IP address) you can use an external service who's glue is if you like sticky but the people who run them are open to a bit of financial persuasion, so the only solution is to register your own IP (glue) and that's what normal people do, unfortunately I am not a normal person and this is not the sort of site these criminals want people to see, so when I register glue and use the domain nameservers, this is what happens
Screenshot from 2022-08-10 19-33-13.png

To get round the issue I had to register a domain with no SEO value and not related to this site so these arseholes wouldn't see it as a threat, register glue and when it's dry (working correctly) point this domain at the other domain's glue and guess what, it works!

Screenshot from 2022-08-10 19-40-33.png