The Full Fifteen Rounds


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So called King Charles is too powerful and protected (by special branch) that the (real) powers that be can not out him easily. Using Princess Diana to steal the crown from the (pervy) Battenburgs, then while waiting (for ages) for the Queen to die, using Charles's blackmail victim (me) to restore British sovereignty for William (Brexit) and to wear the so called Prince (now King) down by refusing to be intimidated by him and (like the real powers that be), he is too powerful for me to take out in a single punch. However, I never give in and I keep plugging away at him.

Now this from his own right wing Pro Israeli Press. Look at the statistics they are quoting, only a majority of 2% think he is preferable to William for King and nearly two thirds of public think he should start handing power to William! Well guess what, so do I. You (the Battenburgs) have had your fun at our (and especially my) expense but it is now time to move over!

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...and this is BEFORE the public find out what they did to Diana and what they are STILL doing to me!