• The Enemies Within And From Outside



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    He,he another attempt to right that wrong photograph!

    I am his external threat and I will bring him down in the blink of an eye given half a chance for what he's been doing to me and why. However it looks like the blackmailed monarch has enemies much, much closer to home!

    I do not know what he has done to upset Prince Harry? (waiting for the book)...but it must be something major probably regarding his Mother (Diana). Prince Andrew is alleged to have plotted with the Queen and Princess Diana to remove the then (blackmailed) Prince Charles from the line of succession in favour of Prince William. So Prince, now King Charles is doing what he does best and is bullying everyone (including me) who is a threat to him.

    The big question though is just how much of a threat to his blackmail fueled reign is Prince William as he is the only one that CAN'T be bullied or ostricised by the blackmailed King due to his position as heir to the throne! Someone is forcing bad apples out of this unelected Stooge Government and I doubt if it's our Lame Duck blackmailed (temporary) King.

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