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(Sir Keir) Starmer is STILL harping on about fucking transvestites and the like? If he can't work out that Politics is about majorities not minorities then he is in the wrong job really. To govern you need a majority. You will Not get that from transvestites and such likes. People may say they care about such things so they appear politically correct but in reality, they only care about stuff that affect them like eg the cost of living. most people have never even met a transvestite (nor would they want to). Like I keep saying get real (Sir) Keir or get a different job. First though you will need to vacate Tony Blair's pocket. You are a sad man! If Blair gets his way we will end up with another greedy, selfish right wing Tory. There NEEDS to be an alternative to the blackmailing Tories when this is all over and he or she can NOT be in Blair's pocket!
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