Someone Has To Stick Up For Him


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Looks like Boris (big dog of war) Johnson still has a supporter other than Zelenskky (or something), speaking up for him on LBC (or something). who is this loyal supporter who works for pro Israeli so called news channel LBC (or something)? Why of course it is Rachel Johnson his sister. Actually I am a bit Jealous in that respect as my so called sister has tried (more than once) to kill me on behalf of her Father in return for a couple of horses, a paddock and a fucking field! Oh yes and a detached house bought with my so called Father's blackmail money
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...and lets not forget about Herr Sturgeon who says she wants to see blackmailers stooge Johnson fall but does she really? I guess we will never know as she can no longer call for his scalp after her little (intentional or not) stunt in the barbers!