Republicans And Democrats


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It is my belief that the Pro Israeli blackmailers are blackmailing Republican (now deceased) and a democratic (still living) Ex Presidents. I will not mention names but my insinuations are extremely loose due to the damage these shameful (and pervy) ex presidents are causing. First we had the actual republican perv (now deceased) who waged war in the middle east on behalf these dangerous blackmailers, then we had the blackmailed Republican's son as president who continued along with our pure prick of a blackmailed Royal stooge PM who continued this middle east war in a futile attempt to pacify Israel's sworn enemy Iran.

Then we had a blackmailed Democrat President who waged war in Europe (Balkans) and almost started WW3 with Russia (Re what's happening now with his Lackie Biden), then they tried to install the fucking blackmailed ex Democratic President's wife as Prersident (no joke) but an intervention (I'm sure by me) put a stop to that but with the unpredictable consequence of a totally unsuitable President, leading to a similar situation here (Boris). This is a disaster and these evil blackmailers need sorting out altogether. If it was me, I would expose the so called blackmail victims for what they are. Unfortunately though, it's not up to me, so we need to wait and see if Harry's wife makes it to President in 2024. Meantime, I remain under lock and key, getting bombarded with COVID, monkeypox, food poisoning and who knows what else!
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