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I see that the King of the (blackmailed) Castle is allowing Prince Andrew (the dirty wee rascal) to wear his military crap with ropes and too many medals on it. Whether he qualifies for the rank of vice Admiral or the medals is another subject. I wish to talk about his sexual fall from grace which I do not see as serious and it seems it's just a ploy to humiliate Prince Harry who (King?) Charles clearly sees as a threat. I tell you this so called King does not care about anyone but himself (Narcissist) and is quite comfortable about throwing anyone including close members of his own family under the metaphorical bus to further his own selfish interests!

The big mistake (in my opinion) that Andrew made was to get involved with someone called Epstein (or something) and Maxwell (or something). Why was he not briefed by the security services Charles??? Dating a 17 YO woman while in his early 20's is NOT a crime in my opinion and the man who called him a dirty old man is wrong, The woman in that infamous photo looks to me like she knew exactly what she was doing. I am sure there were hundreds of young women just dying to date a young Royal Prince. He was just unlucky that 17 was unlawful in that particular US State.

Remember Elvis Presley was in his early 20's when he was dating 14 YO Prescila, no one is calling him a deranged paedophile because dating 14 YO's in that US state was perfectly legal!
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