Plan B


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So now that this morning's blatant entrapment attempt has failed, they (housing association) have started drilling the walls in the undercover flat below me (hope they like Hawkwind)
My enemies know that I now have what I need to lie low until what I believe is the 'fitmeup' date (or it's anniversary) on the 15th June. (my next enforced visit to the JC)

The civil servant very generously offered me a choice of the 14th (day before fmu date), 15th (fmud) or 16th (day after fmud). Obviously not before, normally I would have choose latest (16th) but would I just be prolonging the agony?

The original 'fitmeup' I believe happened on Sat 13th June 2009 when I went to a UFO concert at an over 18's only gig at a licensed premises in Glasgow. I remember getting crowded out by a stranger and his young (underage) son at the bar forcing me to move several times. However, the actual legal 'fitmeup' presumably happened on the Monday which was the 15th.
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