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Who says I don't have influence, the right wing Pro Royal (Charles anyway) Daily Mail have 'doctored' his crap photo after I took the piss about it being over exposed. I wonder if the photgrapher still has a head?

Daily Mail

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Also there is not a single mention about Dominic Raab (or something)'s plight anywhere on their website (dailymail, while it is headline news on LBC (or something)?

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...are they hoping I will say something that is not the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? They will wait a long time!

I do NOT say anything that I would not be happy to repeat in a (non kangaroo) court of law! These people are the criminals and I am the victim, that fact is proving difficult for these people to disprove despite how powerful (but corrupt) they are!
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Just ask yourself if what I say about King Charles and all the blackmailers (who I regularly name and shame) is untrue and they are innocent nice people (Hmmmm), why have I NOT been arrested and put before a (non kangaroo) court of law in front of a Jury of my fellow Peers???????

It is simple, the official secrets act would be invoked as it would be unlawful for these criminals to deny what's really happening under Oath!

I mean the guy above is the fucking Justice Sec (for the time being), if he can't do anything about me calling him a Pro Israeli blackmailer (assuming it's not true) then who can???
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