Own Game


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This morning I walked the extra half mile (each way) to Tescos (or something) in a bid to avoid the poisoned food at Morrisons. I must have caught them by surprise because I was three quarters way round the shop before corrupt stooges of Sturgeon and/or Sanook with Warrant cards (presumably) told Tesco (or something) Women to start deliberately getting in my way. At the checkout, the guy had earphones and a mic, prattiling away and clearly with the aforementioned criminals (with Warrant cards) putting words in his mouth he started saying it is quiet hear this morning but normally it is really busy (at 7:AM). Or to translate 'Don't come back here again' I just retorted with a question 'Is it?' Obviously I am not going to divulge future tactics but what I will say is that as usual I will be playing my own game! NOT THEIRS!