More Poison


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This time from a tin of Princes chicken curry that I (used) to regularly buy and it wasn't even cheap! Luckily this time it is the unbearable stomach pain toxin (not the life threatening one of a week or so ago) that (used to give me such grief and would probably get 99% of 'normal' people into hospital for which it is clearly designed). but does not seem to do any lasting damage (or kill you). Luckily by pure chance I found that Ibuprofen is very effective against this type of indescribable pain which is like 11 out of ten on the pain scale or at least it can be depending on dose. Expensive quick acting types like Nurofen rapid also help reduce suffering as the pain comes on really fast and 'ordinary' Ibuprofen takes longer to start working.

At first back in 2010 when Mr Evil Cameron took over and started using this toxin, I tried paracetamol which had no effect causing me to conclude that nothing short of diamorphine can help with so much pain, so I just suffered, sometimes for up to six hours until it wore off. It is difficult to describe, you can't do anything or think about anything other than the pain and you have to try and control it, really nasty evil people. Then in 2018 (I think) I was forced out of my forest by yobs and was forced to carry my food about 3 miles up a hill to my new site. This gave me a sore back so I bought Ibuprofen for that and when I got poisoned I thought may as well take the Ibuprofen and to my amazement found it was 100% effective after it took effect, which can take a while, hence the Nurofen rapid works in under 10 mins.
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