Losing My Religion


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So I got this hand written letter through my box, not hand delivered but via mail with a stamp. Keeping in mind that ALL my mail is at best filtered by the security services or at worst sourced from the Security Services. Normally I only get threatening letters from funeral parlours, TV detectors, Utilities, Council tax, boiler enforcement etc which go straight in the bin, most are not even in my name, new occupier. Those go unopened into bin.

Anyway this hand written letter is from the Jehovah's witness religious group and goes on about how bad thing are and how people are suffering almost as if they are blaming me (blame the blackmailers and the despots), then they give this quote from the bible.

Jeremiah 27:11 "God (whoever he is?) promises a good future and to give peace and hope for better times ahead"

Hmmm I remain an optimist but as usual, I ain't holding my breath!