Liz Truss


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I am becoming increasingly optimistic about Liz Truss(t?) becoming Premier for several reasons that, I am not prepared to discuss, despite her (apparent) right wing views and unfortunate support by the likes of Duncan-Smith and Redford who I see as extreme, although if there is one thing I have learned during this ordeal is not get too optimistic about the (inevitable) end game to avoid disappointment! I am NOT optimistic about Sunak, firstly he wasn't born here meaning his loyalties will be split between this Country and his Country of birth. (India) but most importantly he has been chancellor for some time and as such has been bankrolling my continued unlawful detention and State persecution. Not only that, he is backed by the likes of Jeremy swearword and Grant Shapps (or something).

At the end of the day, if Prince Charles don't have a loyal PM, HS and chancellor (stooges), he can not do what his blackmailers tell him to do!