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Ok it's not my term but I do concur. This amateur and unelected so called Government are contemplating spending 100s of thousand of money from who knows where on an advertising campaign telling people to burn less fuel?

Let me give a simplistic explanation as to how the market works Mrs(Dis)TrussT as I fear that may be the only way for you. If there is a shortage of fuel, the price goes up and people turn their heating down and put a jacket on. Some will die of hypothermia. If you give them money or subsidise the greedy energy firms to make fuel affordable again, people will take their jackets off and turn the heating up while turning your silly adverts off!

The only way to sort this out is to get a proper diplomat (Foreign Sec) to start talking to Russia as the last foreign Sec was crap. Russia has loads of gas MissTrussT The North sea is only of limited help, it already has more holes in it than the sum of the holes in all of Trumps golf courses!
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