I Won’t Be Provoked


Staff member
10th April 2021

My Sincerest apologies to HM the Queen if I come across as insensitive at this dificult time for her but her so called (insincere) family are provoking me and I will not stay silent.

So the Propaganda I got today on the usual 1:00PM slot was that Prince Harry is coming to this funeral without his wife and that Princes Andrew and Edward have been passing on their condolences to their Mother. No mention of the daughter who came to gloat at me in the hospital, before they tried to murder me and certainly no mention of Prince Charles. Clearly they were wondering why I only passed condolences to HM and William? As far as I know they are the only two that have done anything to help me.

Make no mistake, this is a real life game of chess involving real life Queens and would be Kings and the most powerful piece on the chess board (who everyone wants to take) is yours truly. Why am I more powerful than the monarchy? If the truth (or even part of the truth) about what’s really been going on were to out and if I do not show sympathy with the Monarchy (without Charles), then I have no doubt the Monarchy will fall.

Also I have the power to change the course of history, already have several times. Not many people can (truthfully) make that claim. Without me Gordon (Darth Vaider) Brown would have won the 2010 election, Salmond would have won Scottish Independance and The UK (what’s left of it) would well and trully be part of the EU. (What a mess).

I hope Princes Andrew and Edwarddon’t take this the wrong way but despite their Royal status, they (until now) are not even pawns on this chess board. Poison Ivy and Ginger are/were pawns (being used against me). Harry well he did get used against me recently (unwittingly I hope) when Re Oprah he tried to lay a racist comment trap for me. Luckily I ain’t no racist. My enemies are all white mid to upper class sad blackmailer or blackmailed bastards!