I Don't Believe It


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I don't believe for one minute that Boris Johnson and his Pro Israeli blackmailer friends disapprove of Putins military venture into Ukraine, it is ALL lies Russia and Israel are allies and while lying publicly about condemning Russia reversing the EU's (Germany) expansion into Ukraine, privately they are supporting it. This sanctions lark is a lot of crap as well, it's just an excuse to starve the EU (post Brexit) of Russian oil and gas. Russia will just turn to Israel's other enemy China though to sell it's oil and gas.

Putin gave the game away (to me) when he (offensively) said he was denazifying Ukraine
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...and the very idea that Johnson is going to sanction extremely wealthy Pro Israeli Russian Abramovich (or something) is just a joke, or at least it would be if people in Ukraine were not being killed!
I also heard Blair Stooge Starmer say we all (in Europe) need to get used to living without Russian oil and gas! He needs to go as well!