Ian Whannel Political Prisoner Blackmail Victim of the British State

You may not have heard of me, that's because only non western state prisoners get talked about. Find out how Prince Philip and ultimately the Queen is being blackmailed and used against me and how the non blackmailed Royals are using me and the blackmail situation to 'fix' elections and referendums. Did the Tories really win all those Labour seats? Did vote leave really win the EU Referendum? Did Salmond really lose the independence referendum?



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Duncan-Smith is going on about how this woman allied (in his opinion) to the inhumane Chinese regime has been wandering about parliament and how she may have had access to his right wing crap? Not a single mention of how we have a deputy prime minister allied to an equal to or greater inhumane regime (Israel) poised to seize power of this Country via our blackmailed Queen???
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