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No doubt King Charles the blackmailed will be going to lay a wreath at the cenotaph today!

It is akin to a murderer returning to the scene of his crime!

These blackmailed Royals with their un-earned top of the range Military ranks and undeserved Jackets with ropes and undeserved medals not only (under the threat of blackmail) start these wars but help to perpetrate these wars while having no qualifications to do so!

Here is a Quote from someone I admire " Only thing do leaders share with those on the battlefield falling down everywhere and that is their wine which has body and is red, draining away for ever like the blood of those dead" Dave Brock.

You would need to be certifiably insane or totally ignorant to fight and die for a blackmailed king. Thanks to the official secrets act most are ignorant. That act is also why most of the British population are ignorant to my plight as well!
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It is far more honourable to ensure that our young men do not get sacrificed on behalf of Pro Israeli blackmailers than to stand at the cenotaph and remember those who were forced, often with the threat of death by firing squad to fight on behalf of a blackmailed Monarch.

Don't get me wrong, if someone attacks me (or my Country) for no good reason, I will fight to the death if necessary but I will NOT fight and die for a blackmailed pervert!

Sensitivities equals King Charles

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