He Will Wait A while


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...before he gets an apology from me! I am of course aware that there is an outside chance that King Charles is not being blackmailed and that he may well be paying a price for his blackmailed Father and Great Uncle. However it is a very long shot and I can't think of a legitimate reason why he would confront me in person outside HCP unless he was testing my reaction as he obviously would have known that Cameron (and other front benchers with protection officers) would be doing it for real a few months later. Also it would take a brave (blackmailed) Monarch to face down his SNP blackmailers like he did in the Supreme Court. I have been waiting for their (SNP) reaction but all they seemed to do was pass some inappropriate legislation that no (right minded) Monarch would give ascent to.

Never the less as long as I remain a prisoner of the State (of which he is at the head) with my food being poisoned and new COVID variants probably passed via my food as well and with known Pro Israeli blackmailers at the heart of the government who's PM he (through loyal Tory MP's) elected. I HAVE to take the view that he is blackmailed until he or someone else proves to me otherwise.

Anyway for the last half a Century I have been a blackmail victim of his family (and I STILL am) with who knows how many attempts on my life including from State institutions like the NHS. I ask you, who owes who an apology?

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