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...at my expense, I never knew Sturgeon had a sense of humour. They played this exact same trick last year, making (mandatory) appointments to get my gas boiler serviced, then not turning up the first two times, like no one knocks on my door or rings my bell, then on the third attempt they do knock the door but when you answer the place is crawling with intimidatory council officials and police with enforcers etc. They have done the same thing again this year with no one turning up at first two appointments and the third and (presumably) intimidatory one scheduled for next Tuesday (the day before my next enforced job center visit). Only this year it's a waste of time as (like they well know), they cut my gas off earlier this year, leaving me no central heating for my prison or means to get a bath or shower!

The reason I say Sturgeon may have a (sick) sense of humour is that she appears to have signed the email they have sent me!

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