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Gluten free carrot Cake


Staff member
At the supermarket yesterday, I decided to grab a cake from the health bit of the shop as all the normal cakes are normally poisoned and I thought since I have never been near the health bit before it would not be poisoned. So I just grabbed what looked like an ok cake without paying attention to the flavour. When I got back, it was a gluten free not to be confused with a greedy fat bastard that they get to do there dirty work for a few cream cakes. No gluten free apparently means no wheat (what's wrong with wheat?) carrot cake. Carrots as far as I'm aware are supposed to be in soup, not cakes.

Anyway, I tried a bit but it was minging, couldn't eat it. Just as well as it was poisoned. Really bad poison. I will stop short of saying life threatening poison (at the small dose I had) but certainly worse than normal, with fever, sweating, indigestion and feeling sick for several hours.

...but hey, I am still alive and hopefully it will be business as abnormal tomorrow!