Ian Whannel Political Prisoner Blackmail Victim of the British State

You may not have heard of me, that's because only non western state prisoners get talked about. Find out how Prince Philip and ultimately the Queen is being blackmailed and used against me and how the non blackmailed Royals are using me and the blackmail situation to 'fix' elections and referendums. Did the Tories really win all those Labour seats? Did vote leave really win the EU Referendum? Did Salmond really lose the independence referendum?

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Extreme State Intimidation


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During October November 2015, I was in the London area, primarily to find out if my situation was worse there than here in Scotland. I had already tried fleeing to Ireland the previous month, a move that almost cost me my life. As it turned out things were MUCH worse down there as the State has most of it's resources in London. I only had a tent on my back and I settled in two locations, first in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace on a small wooded area that I could access through a hole in the fence on the Thames walkway. I was there about ten days before they evicted me, during which time I had a much documented encounter with Prince Charles and his (covert protection officers) after that I ended up in another woodland area at Tedidington Lock where I was again well documented surveilled by the SAS who needed extracted by a helicopter when I rumbled him. On Nov 5th my tent was targeted by professional fireworks, thank fuck for the trees (and paper earplugs). Heathrow air traffic was diverted to fly over my tent on take off (in both locations) and finally (and most extreme) my tent was circled (more than once) by an army Lynx helicopter with what looked like like live missiles hung underneath!

Not really surprising that I did what the racist antagonist told me to do and fucked of back (up?) to Scotland where I came from!
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