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So little shit Sturgeon with her exaggerated Sottish accent say's she feels 'emotional' about telling people they can hug their loved ones? Does that apply to me little Miss Dictator?

I mean how can someone as cold hearted as her who rules by blackmail not democracy, yes this election like the previous ones was 'fixed' in the SNPs favour because the non blackmailed Royal's know they are not kidding when they (SNP) say they will shop Charles if they can't hold on to power. Someone who isolates, poisons, tortures and tries to murder one of her citizens (me) as she knows I am the only person that can halt the SNP's separatist ambitions.

You are NOT my leader Nicola because I know you are there through ruthless blackmail and cohersion, not merit or democracy. You are illegitimate and the Scottish people deserve to know the truth!
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