Deliberate Inflation


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All winter, I was asking why the price of gas and electricity is so high while the wholesale price is so low?

I was reading that Jeremy (careful) Hunt intends to make inflation busting cuts to energy prices next week! Has this cynical (but not as cynical as me) so called government deliberately inflated energy prices (and inflation in general) while paying themselves the difference between the normal price and the inflated price in the form of government handouts just so they can cut inflation before the election?

The good news if that is true is that the next election will be free and fair otherwise no point in such deception if election fixed anyway. Do we really want such a cynically deceitful and corrupt so called government (legitimately) running the Country. The truth Must out as the British public deserve to know what's really been going on in this Country.

The fly in their Tory ointment is of course the blackmailed (say thanks Sinn Feign) King and the Ukrainian coup leader Zelensky (or something's) increasing war mongery and the increasing chances of Russian sabotage to our infrastructure increasing, not decreasing inflation!
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