Ian Whannel Political Prisoner Blackmail Victim of the British State

You may not have heard of me, that's because only non western state prisoners get talked about. Find out how Prince Philip and ultimately the Queen is being blackmailed and used against me and how the non blackmailed Royals are using me and the blackmail situation to 'fix' elections and referendums. Did the Tories really win all those Labour seats? Did vote leave really win the EU Referendum? Did Salmond really lose the independence referendum?

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Claire Rayner


Staff member
...or is that Angela?...she says that because of her background she 'probably' doesn't know as much as Boris (mad dog) Johnson? Come on Claire, the Baboons at your local zoo know more than Boris fucking Johnson. As someone from a similarly 'unprivileged' background, although it has to be said, I was denied further education by the blackmailed head of the British State. I will say this...You can make an intelligent person better informed with further education but you can NOT make a Buffoon like Boris Johnson intelligent no matter how rich his Daddy is.

Eton, Oxbridge and all the other exclusive clubs are just that, an exclusive club that ensures power and wealth stay in the hands of the privileged few. It has fuck all to do with intelligence or education!