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Channel 4 are airing a disgraceful one sided documentary on Sunday claiming that Edward V111 was a 'traitor' who gave wartime secrets to the 'nazi's' and had a 'plan' to help Germany defeat Britain so that he can be re-installed as a 'puppet' King. Not a single mention about the Pro Israeli 'people' who were blackmailing his brother George V1 into fighting Germany on behalf of these despicable blackmailers and their vision of a future 'Israel'

Why is this one sided propaganda getting aired now though? Could it be that these same blackmailers are getting their side of the story in BEFORE they lose their current blackmail asset (Elizabeth 11)?

By admitting that he wanted to be re-installed as king, these blackmailers are in effect admitting that (our) King (Edward) was forced out of office against his will and that the Wallace Simpson official line was just a cover story! Wake up sheeple we are all (aprt from me) being ruled over by these foreign blackmailers. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
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