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It's on the BBC so I won't be watching., when I was young my girlfriend who is my son's mother, her father although living in Perth had about four or five brothers in Glasgow who were 'Gangsters'. Basically they were selling drugs from Ice cream vans but they were not the only ones doing it and fights over territory broke out and became known as the 'ice cream wars' it culminated in my girlfriend's cousin (her fathers brothers son) setting fire to his rival's house killing all inside including children. He went to jail for it. I was appalled by this and called her cousin an arsehole for doing that. She wasn't happy and told her dad, before long the arsonist Father was in Perth to 'sort me out', the idiot took a swing at me and I took him out with a single punch, put him in hospital. There were more threats of revenge after that but they never materialised, however I was starting to realise by then that I had more serious enemies to worry about than mere Glaswegian gangsters! True story! If I remember correctly his name was Campbell My then girfriend's middle name.

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