Another True Story


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I don't think I have told this (true) story before and I think it is important to get as much of my experiences as a victim of the blackmailed British State down in writing for a potential future book.

Between early May and mid August 2018 after getting chased out of my forest den by a mob of youths after disclosing the (blackmail) truth (via a social worker) to my Aunt (my mothers younger sister) about my so called Father (my Aunt is his wife's younger sister), I ended up camping in some wasteland (inhabited mostly by sheep) about three miles outside Stanraer. After they (so called Police) stole my padlocked bike (and left police tape in it's place), I had to walk the three miles into Stranraer for food (and carry it all back). One day while walking towards Stranraer on the single lane roads, I came to a 'T' junction with Stranraer to the left and nowhere in particular to the right, so I looked to the right to make sure it is clear and as expected no one in site. You can see for more than 500 yards, there are trees at the side of the road but otherwise no one around so I turned left and started walking towards Stranraer when I heard someone running straight towards me from behind, so I turned round and it was a jogger, probably a security service person or special forces judging by his fitness level. As there was no sign of him when I looked to the right, I automatically assumed he must have been hiding behind a tree and as he was heading straight towards me, the decision had already been made to take him out before he takes me out no questions, so I moved in on him so I could use my (and his) momentum to my advantage and hopefully take him out in a single blow! However he must have realised what was going to happen as he swerved away and took a detour round me, even having the cheek to say 'good morning' he got a mouthful of abuse from me as he ran away as my Adrenalin was pumping and I wasn't happy about what had just happened!
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