Another entrapment attempt


Staff member
...ends in failure! Sorry Boris, looks like you are FU*&ed.

My trip to the JC was strewn with obstacles, at least two or three times as many as normal but you know, I have been doing this a long time and not only know what to expect but know what to do. It included as soon as I arrived at the JC and was told to wait for my farcical conversation with a civil servant, an inappropriately dressed child being seated in my eye line forcing me to change my orientation.
When I got back as if choreographed a young guy barely out of nappies got out of a housing association van and went and stood in my close blocking my (safe) entry to my prison flat. He appeared to be wearing what looked like a camera on his chest and I had to physically ask him to move so I could gain entry to my flat without being accused of inappropriate behavior.

I do have a brother called Philip, perhaps they are getting me confused with someone else!