All Quiet


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It has been really quiet here since you know who got his hands on his girlie hat, which is odd as I thought things would go downhill after the Pro Israeli blackmailer got his deputy job back. I am talking about the undercover neighbours below who used to blast music all night, slam doors and other stuff. They have gone all together since the Queen died, yes peace and quiet but you know double edged sword, the poisoned food etc is dangerous but being barracaded in with all your curtains drawn 24/7, with no distractions, your No1 enemy believe it or not is boredom. What I mean is it's probably too quiet round here now but who's behind this new order? Surely not the blackmailed King or both PM's since the Queen died. Could it be that the (real) powers that be are taking orders from the new most senior (non blackmailed) Royal? If so who was behind that red Jacket thing? How can they be so Naive?
Not only that King Charles's Stooge Government not only appear to be losing control of the undercover police who annoy the fuck out of me, they also can't seem to get the Police to sort out Protesters.

Charles when your own son(s) tell you the game is over?