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So at the enforced visit to the JC today the civil servant never bothers to ask me questions about looking for work as she knows I will not discuss such issues while I am a prisoner under 24/7 surveillance. The very idea of going to a place of work and having it infiltrated by special branch (like what happened at Forfar) is just absurd. Instead she asked me if I had a computer in my bedroom? It has been a topic that I am living in the bedroom as that is all I can afford to heat.

I am well aware that corrupt people with warrant cards come into my flat via a spare key from the housing association when I am not in. Clearly they are wondering why my computer is not in the bedroom when they come calling so they got her to ask. I have fitted a padlocked hasp to my lounge door so they can't get in (without breaking it) so if I go to the shops or JC I move my computer and bed clothes etc through there so I don't get a virus on my computer or Monkey pox on my Bedding. You know what they say, a little paranoia is good, keeps you on your toes but not like that Idiot King. Watch your Back Mr Battenburg, you don't know who's wielding the knife?
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