Media Mogul

Talking about Robert Maxwell, there is another media mogul billionaire who appears to have stepped into his empty shoes. He shall remain nameless for legal reasons but here’s a clue a young bear with a silly name and as a further disclaimer it may or may not be Grizzly.… Read More

Domain Change

Soon after I published the previous post, as if by magic my ISP tag was updated and my domain has transferred to it’s new registrar. If you access via the other (political-prisoner) domain you should be automatically redirected to here. Is it too much to hope that people will start noticing my domain now?… Read More

Namecheap criminal Activity

So I tried to transfer my personal domain out of namecheap to a European registrar where (hopefully) the sad Yanks can no longer interfere. To transfer a domain you have to update something called an ISP tag to the one owned by the new registrar, in this case it is from RE (namecheap) to EPAG-DE (new registrar) something that should happen instantly allowing the domain transfer to happen as soon as you pay a transfer fee.… Read More

Stuart Hosie

You are from the same neck of the woods as my so called father, ain’t you Mr Hosie? Along with your muckers Salmond and Swiney (deliberate misspel). You are trying to say that your friends the Russians who have as much to fear from a resurgent EU as your Pro Israeli friends tried to influence the EU referendum.… Read More

Google DNS

So I swapped to google’s DNS service for testing purposes as they update their cache more often than other DNS providers. Then after a while I was starting to get blocked from several websites including this one (that I own).… Read More


I wonder if the blackmailers are going to use the fact that i was the only person in the shop today not wearing a mask to fit me up for another year of this torture? It is only a crime if you refuse to wear a mask, I never did any such thing as no one asked me to wear one.… Read More

He’s back

The BT guy with all the safety gear is back up the telegraph pole that overlooks the only semi private window in my house.

It must be the most problematic telegraph pole in the whole of the UK. (fucking Huwei crap)

Luckily my semi private window also owns a curtain for such occasions.… Read More

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