Put Your Drone Away

So the (mild) COVID symptoms that I have had for over a week now have subsided so you can stick your drone up your arse as I am very much alive and kicking!

Not only did they deliberately infect me with yet another variant of this man made Virus but they sprayed a breathing irritant all over my bedding to maximise their chances of taking me out, bearing in mind that COVID is a respiratory virus.… Read More

Breathing Difficulties

Previously I have mentioned how the so called Authorities spray my furniture that they supply, either as a gift when they give me a house (prison) or through the social fund. Also (because they are the so called authorities) they can get a spare key from the council and come in when I am at the shops or whatever and spray this stuff around, like an air freshener with a twist, it just grabs the back of your throat every time you breathe in and makes you want to cough.… Read More

Minister defends David Cameron as ‘a man of integrity’

Oliver Dowden says he “has no doubt” the ex PM “behaved properly” in his dealings with a banker.

Oh dear, I do like a chuckle, it helps to beat the under house arrest blues.

What’s wrong Mr Shed? Worried that if you can’t get me to breech libel laws that your past may catch up with you?… Read More

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