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So it seems that Eniskillin was criminally insane psychopath Tony Blair’s blueprint for 9:11. The so called real IRA was causing havoc in N Ireland despite the peace treaty. They were planting bombs in town center’s phoning the police with their coded message as ID and telling them where the bomb was,the police evacuate the area just before the bomb detonates causing massive economic and political damage but little or no casualties.… Read More

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Seeing as Tony Blair seems to have no foresight. Re Princess Diana. Here is some unfriendly advice from someone who can see for miles and miles. If the general public ever find out and I for one will do everything in my power to make sure they do (find out) that you (and your blackmailer mates) deliberately spread this virus about in a vain attempt to avoid being ‘held to account’ for the roles that you played in Princess Diana’s murder, the culpable homocide of innocent bystanders at Enniskilin when you deliberately sent the security forces to search at the wrong location in a successful (but psychotic) bid to stop the real IRA in there tracks.… Read More

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