Breathing Difficulties

Previously I have mentioned how the so called Authorities spray my furniture that they supply, either as a gift when they give me a house (prison) or through the social fund. Also (because they are the so called authorities) they can get a spare key from the council and come in when I am at the shops or whatever and spray this stuff around, like an air freshener with a twist, it just grabs the back of your throat every time you breathe in and makes you want to cough. It was so bad in the first house they gave me in Couper Angus that, I made myself intentionally homeless despite (my second homeless) winter being round the corner. The next house at Newton Stewart was the same but it was only temporary, now this house in Stranraer. Coming to terms with the fact that these criminals can come into my house when I am not in, I bought my self a hasp and padlock from a hardware store so I can lock my lounge and kitchen area when I am out.

Unfortunately my bedroom does not have a lock (should have bought two locks) so to get round this issue, I moved my bed into the lounge. Not ideal as it uses up a lot of space in my lounge and renders my bedroom a no go area. After about six months they must have stopped coming into my house as there is nothing to contaminate, so I sneaked my bed back to it’s room to reclaim space in my lounge. This was ok for a while but since my last trip to the shop, these breathing issues returned. Figuring it must be the bed they have contaminated as presumably they have no access to my lounge, I started sleeping in my lounge on cushions from the couch and guess what, I can breathe again!

It is really out of order that little shit Sturgeon and her fellow blackmailers can and do get away with doing this and forcing me to sleep on cushions instead of my bed, but if that is what it takes to defeat these bastards, then so be it!

This stuff can be decontaminated by laying it against a radiator (with the window open) until it evaporates and I guess I could do that (again) with my mattress but hey, I have more stuff in my lounge now and no room for a bed.

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