If only this Country knew the truth about wahat our perverted Royals are guilty of!

Filfthy Child traffickers Ian Brady an Roger black have one thing in common, they both trafficked children to royal perverts before taking the rap for the murder of those trafficked children, just like a drug trafficker may get caught at customs while Mr big who they are trafficking for goes free.

Who are these filfty Royals and why no bodies? Quite simply you can’t have these innocent children accusing senior royals after they grow up so they just dissapear never to be found, while the traffickes take the rap.

Brady (and Hyndly) now no woman kidnaps chidren for her boyfriend to murder, I mean get real! She may however do it for money and a fake Royal promise of immunity from prosecution. Not many people would be brave enough to name these monsters but really I have nothing to lose. If it ain’t true let them sue me. So Brady was trafficking for Louis Mountbatten in the 60’s and during the 70’s he was blackmailed for it. It got so bad that, well let’s just say he died.

Unbelievably as if thinking he had a god given right to abuse then murder peasants children Roger Black was trafficking for none other than Prince Charles. It is why Princess Diana left him when she found out and it was why she was murdered. He has been blackmailed since the mid 80’s and has done all sorts of damage to this Country. The situation is getting desperate now as the Queen is getting older and every Country bar none is blackmailing Charles, for some reason I am being used to sort the mess out.

Charles where are Black’s missing children you sad sick bastard do the right thing for once in your life and abdicate…and as for all you sick bastards that are appeasing the sick monster in the hope of a knighthood or whatever, I only have one thing to say SHAME ON YOU!