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Author Topic: This Is What I Am Up Against  (Read 369 times)


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on: October 06, 2020, 10:17:28 AM
On Ebay, I came across a pair of ancient monoblock amplifiers out of a theatre that I do not need (I have perfectly good amplification), they are just the sort of things that I like tinkering with and they were cheap just £12 each.

So I contacted the person and asked what there best price was for the pair. She replied by official Ebay coms to say she would accept £20 for the pair.

So I replied to her offer email saying I would bid £12 for one and £8 for the other but with no reply after several hours, I concluded that people with authority as well as bad intent had been in touch with her as this is not the first Ebay 'incident' Re the computer I bought.

So the 24 hour time period for her to accept, reject or even ask for an amendment passed with no reply.

Then almost as soon as the time period elapsed I got an email from ebay saying that she had accepted an offer of £12 for one of the amps from someone else! (check the timings on the emails)

Abuse of power or what? Just do the right thing Charlie and abdicate!
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