Special Forces

On Tuesday 22nd march 2016, I left my forest prison on the outskirts of Perth to go and sign on at the Job center, something I am compelled to do in order to get enough money to survive, it is made worse by the fact that the date and time of the appointment is set by the British State, the very people who are imprisoning and intimidating me so they know exactly when I will be coming and going.… Read More

Tick Tock Tick Tock

That’s the real reason Trump doesn’t like tick tock, it reminds him that his time is nearly up.

I just had to take the veiled threats and insinuations on the chin when he first got (somehow) into office as he was the most powerful man in the world and I was, am just a civilian, oh yes and he flew over my tent in his AF1 jet as he left his Ayrshire golf place, barely above the trees then got his pilot to open up the engines as he passed my tent, just about blowing it away.… Read More

Jackson Carlaw quits as Scottish Conservative leader

Jackson Carlaw says he “does not believe he is the best person to make the case for Scotland remaining in the UK.”

Hello, HELLO I am still here you know and I still have no intentions of letting blackmailer extraordinaire Herr Sturgeon defeat me, which means that even Tony fucking Blair (or Donald Duck) could argue the case for Scotland remaining in the UK… or does this guy know something that I do not?… Read More

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