A level Playing Field

So it looks like the pro Israeli blackmailers have got their way (as usual) and Huwaei are being shut out, much to the anger of Prince Charles’s Chinese blackmailers.

Lets just hope that the Chinese do the right thing and expose Prince Charles for what he really is so that with no one blackmailing we can have a level playing field!… Read More

Hard Times

So you think you have it tough with your lockdown?

Not only have I been forced to do this for far longer than anyone else (years not months) but I am under 24/7 surveillance with arseholes waiting to harrass me if I dare go anywhere (even to put my bin out), always not just during lockdown.… Read More

Which Blackmailer?

So Prince Charles’s Pro Israeli blackmailers are not happy that Charles has ok’d more Huwaei contracts on behalf of his Chinese blackmailers and are causing more trouble in Hong Kong.

What a hopeless set of affairs, we need shot of that blackmailed waste of space, and the sooner the better.… Read More

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