Special Forces

On Tuesday 22nd march 2016, I left my forest prison on the outskirts of Perth to go and sign on at the Job center, something I am compelled to do in order to get enough money to survive, it is made worse by the fact that the date and time of the appointment is set by the British State, the very people who are imprisoning and intimidating me so they know exactly when I will be coming and going.… Read More

The Queen Sheds A tear At The Cenotaph

I am quite prepared to accept that unlike some of her male relatives, the Queen is a humane person.

What’s been happening to me for the last decade or more is certainly not humane.

My fears about her blackmailed male relatives part in both the world wars are well documented as is my fears for the future of this Country should the Queens blackmailed son ever become head of state.… Read More

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